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I'm Regina Small. I'm a writer and editor in NYC. I'm a senior editor and reviews coordinator for RT Book Reviews, a Brooklyn-based magazine dedicated to covering women's genre fiction. All opinions are mine.

Interests include: sci-fi/fantasy, literature, summertime daydrinking, trying to be a better person, fancy manicures, cooking, absurd humor, philosophy and the role of irony in the modern world.

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Publicist: Where can I send [2 titles]?

Me: [Gives reviewer addresses]

3 weeks pass, reviewers tell me the Friday before a Monday reviews deadline that the books haven’t shown up.

Me: [emails publicist]

Publicist: [out of office reply]

Me: [hangs self]

Whatever you may think about the ALS ice bucket challenge, you must admit that it’s a brilliant use of meme culture.

I’m just not interested in the emotional growth of men in literature. And I’m not sorry about it.



this is important please spread

Absolutely nobody should be surprised at this point that the cops in Ferguson are blatantly lying about pretty much everything.

…guys…I’m really enjoying watching people dump ice water all over themselves. …send help…


the cops in ferguson would rather waste their time and resources terrorizing a whole community than punish one racist murderer

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I remember my childhood as a long wish to be elsewhere.
Louise Glück, from “Unpainted Door (via mitochondria)

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! 31 feels pretty okay so far. (at Fat Goose)

You're awesome and an amazing person!
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Did this bot somehow know it was my birthday? Thank you, robot.