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Bottom line - don’t complain until the season is over.  Then go ahead - bitch up a storm.

That said, I think some people just need to CALM DOWN.  Go ahead and bash me if it’ll make you feel better - just because I’m a new fan and I haven’t seen much before season 5 doesn’t mean I’m stupid.  I’ll get there, don’t worry.  I know that there’s probably a huge twist and so I don’t find his comment rude.  Moffat has this planned out and (hopefully) we won’t be left with a maaaaaajor cliffhanger.  I might die if we are.

Coming into this series has made me remember what it was like when I was addicted to Harry Potter.  So much we didn’t know!  All the speculating!  It’s both maddening and amazing!  <3

You guys. Is “don’t complain” a thing now? As in a reasonable thing to say to other adults? “Don’t do X.” Since I’m a grown-up, I think I can say things (all sorts of things!) on my blog. You love the episodes and the current character development? GREAT. I don’t think I wrote “hey fans, stop enjoying things. Seriously. It displeases me and my opinion eclipses yours in importance.” How is your aggressive insistence that I (all-caps) calm down any less obnoxious than someone insisting people shouldn’t enjoy this season (which, BTW, I didn’t do)?

The big twist — and this is just my opinion — is that everything post-“Let’s Kill Hitler” happened before “The Impossible Astronaut.” Timey-wimey. My nitpick is a character nitpick, relating to Amy’s moving on post-The God Complex (which I think is pre-The Impossible Astronaut). It has literally nothing to do with the progression of the plot or how Moffat is handling that so a “wait and see” approach doesn’t really apply here. (And personally I think his “pay attention” remark has more to do with Amy being the creator of the perfume — and that this is post-God Complex — than anything else.) Both Amy and Rory have been neglected as characters and have had very few ambitions or desires or any kind of life, really, beyond being together. No awesome timey-wimey tricks are going to fix that.

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