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I'm Regina Small. I'm a writer and editor in NYC. I'm a senior editor and reviews coordinator for RT Book Reviews, a Brooklyn-based magazine dedicated to covering women's genre fiction. All opinions are mine.

Interests include: sci-fi/fantasy, literature, summertime daydrinking, trying to be a better person, fancy manicures, cooking, absurd humor, philosophy and the role of irony in the modern world.

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Facebook activism = posting a video, commenting “OMG, this is horrible! We have to help them!”, completely ignoring social and political factors that created the issue, and then going on with your lives, changing nothing.

Slacktivism at it’s finest. 

Is not posting it and ignoring it better? I ask that non-rhetorically and not as a slight against you, LB. But it does seem that while there are definitely some self-righteous motivations for sharing the Kony video, it always strikes me as equally self-righteous when people (me, you, everyone) adopt the sort of savvier-than-thou attitude that no engagement is better than shallow engagement. I mean, no one is a hero for posting a video. But, like, no one is a hero except actual heroes who save lives (also Batgirl). The IC campaign is not without its problems, but its very existence has generated good discussion that might not have happened otherwise. My feeling is that shallow engagement at least might lead to deeper engagement; no engagement definitely won’t. But that is just a thought.