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Well, the world is vastly counted in favour of men at every level - except if you live in a civilised country and you’re sort of educated and middle-class, because then you’re almost certainly junior in your relationship and in a state of permanent, crippled apology. Your preferences are routinely mocked. There’s a huge, unfortunate lack of respect for anything male.

Time Lad scores with sex and Daleks - Living

06 June 2004

Oh, wow, Steven Moffat. This article also has the “women are needy” quote, to which I can only say that The Doctor is one of the neediest people ever. He literally needs people to be watching him and going OOOOOOOOoooooooh.

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This is profoundly disappointing to me. SIGH.

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  7. librarianpirate said: He said exactly that in the last episode. “I’m doing interesting and awesome stuff up here and nobody is watching me” or some crap.
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