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I'm Regina Small. I'm a writer and editor in NYC. Interests include: sci-fi/fantasy, summertime daydrinking, trying to be a better person, fancy manicures, cooking, absurd humor, philosophy and the role of irony in the modern world.

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Psst okay you guys, I don’t love jumping the gun on exciting news but: as of Monday I will be employed full-time as a book reviews editor reviewing exclusively romance novels in the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/historical genres, which is basically the best thing ever. (ALSO: EROTICA. ALL OF YR WOLF WHISTLES HERE.) It’s like someone said “what would be the perfect thing to make Regina happy right now?”

Oh and can we talk about how, by some serendipitous twist, one of my TUMBLR FRIENDS will be giving me a run-through of my duties during my first week?