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latara replied to your post: pedantic thing that has been bugging me about bsg since the mini

I think I read some interview with RDM that says she never gave a name which is… a ridiculous cop-out but unfortunately is the only answer.

that is

so dumb!

well, the six from the pegasus went by “gina”, presumably short for regina

i guess i will headcanon that caprica six also used regina (i imagine isabel will like this headcanon)

but that is really dumb

and it will continue to bother me

Um, I, too, like to pretend that Caprica Six went by “Regina.”

I have a hard time understanding that. Like, I mean, of course you can love Laura Roslin, this isn’t some kind of Roslin-ian/Adamian empire we’re living under, but her behavior after the 1st Earth debacle where she just flat refuses to address her people and hides out in Adama’s room and yet also doesn’t resign for a REALLY LONG TIME? I can’t really forgive her as a character for that, and I can’t forgive the writers for expecting me to continue to like her. Also, while Tom Zarek is a cold-blooded shit, Roslin’s inaction basically seals the fate of the quorum (those poor bastards). I wouldn’t be delighted with a fascist dictator who actually made good decisions but by the end of s4, Roslin is a fascist dictator who makes NO decisions.

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Ugh this season. I mean, I think most of it is fine but those last six episodes are like

Someday I will write a long post on smallgalaxies about how Adama and Roslin are an unholy pairing and I rooted for their destruction throughout s3 and s4.

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